Help prevent gun violence

A UU Online Pledge to Work for Gun Safety Measures

Chalice copyright 2013 Ladyweave.comNo memberships, no meetings, no dues, no solicitations.

 Just an online pledge, right here at to take action for fifteen minutes, once each week until late June, to help bring about:

  • Banning high capacity magazines and assault weapons.
  • Enforcing background checks for every gun purchase.
  • Making gun trafficking and “straw purchases” federal crimes.

These three goals are part of the agenda of several national groups, including Faiths United Against Gun Violence, to which the UUA belongs.  Sign up here to work towards accomplishing them.

What might your weekly actions be?

Place an article on gun control in your congregation’s newsletter; email/phone your representative or Senator; wear a gun control button in public; donate to the Brady Campaign or Mayors Against Illegal Guns; talk to your minister or Social Action Committee ; send a note of encouragement to the President.

Write a short letter to the editor of your local paper; hand out a dozen pieces of gun law literature; sign other online petitions; get a fellow UU to sign this pledge at;  familiarize yourself with the resources listed on the UUA website (; talk to a family member or friend.

Just one action a week, each week, from now till late June, to help change the national conversation and push through responsible gun laws. We’ll send you suggestions periodically of other things you can do.

Our goals: to get hundreds of UUs across the country taking small steps each week; to set an example for fellow UUs that converts the promise of a safer, saner society, into a personal commitment to action; to encourage and support the UUA in making this issue a high national priority. When we reach General Assembly at the end of June, we’ll see where we stand, and where the national conversation is, and decide what to do next.

More information: Roger Brewin at, or 773 881 4028; 773 551 8540 cell.

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